Liangci Sugar Manufacturing co., ltd of Sugar Refinedly Group SRG of Guangxi State Farms Agribusiness Group was found in Sep 2002, its progenitor is Liangci state farm of Guangxi State Farms Agribusiness Group and is the subsidiary corporation of SRG of Guangxi State Farms Agribusiness Group. The company is located in western Hengxian Nanning, the geographical position is superior, and the railroad, the road, the waterway and the communication facilities are all extremely convenience. Our major business is the white granulated sugarmore

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  white granulated sugar   brown granulated sugar   hardbound white sugar   bagasse fiberboard  
  The "Bubbling Spring" level one white granulated sugar achieved the use of the "Green Food "...   The color of the "bubbling spring" brown granulated sugar is the sorrel, aromatous and...   The small packing "Bubbling Spring" first white granulated sugar's specification is 10kg...   The bagasse fiberboard take the bagasse as a raw material, uses the advanced production ...  
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